This is what girldiarreahwhat had to say about my quotes from her:

'I kind of see myself as just a soldier, really. Though I am awfully flattered by things like this: The more they fight me, the more I know I’m a worthy opponent. ‘

It takes a special kind of lady to interpret direct quotes of one’s vile misogyny, pro-domestic violence advocacy, and group-based hatred as rebuttals to arguments. That lady is girlwriteswhat. This is unsurprising as she perceives her gender-based slander as “scientifically-informed research.” How’s that waitressing gig going for you and your children, GWW?

Before anyone sends me any more “why do you hate male rights advocacy” questions, you might submit a question to girlwriteswhat to something to the tune of, “why do you hate and blame domestic violence victims?”

Oops, that’s right, /r/MR already did that!

"Domestic violence is in great demand by women," Girlwriteswhat

Our ol’ “pro-equity” gal is back at it again, smearing shit all over her own name and face and feeding it to her young ones for lunch.

She responded to some allegations that one of her posts posited that ‘some women who experience domestic violence ask for it.’

Here is her response:

I’m not interested in speaking as if we are living in the Land of Should. In the Land of Should, domestic abuse of any kind (physical, emotional, psychological) would never happen, because in the Land of Should, all people are perfect. None of them have mental health or drug issues, no one has Borderline Personality Disorder, no one has anger management issues, no woman would ever call her husband a useless sack of crap with no balls, and no man would ever call his wife something similar. Everyone would respect everyone else, dog poop would evaporate from your lawn all on its own within 10 minutes, and farts would smell like flowers. I talk about domestic violence as it occurs in the Land of Is, because that’s the place where it occurs. The people who live in the Land of Is and participate in domestic violence situations are not perfect people. They are not going to behave like perfect people, because perfect people don’t hit each other, or scream at each other, or harass each other (which is what nagging is, when it’s on the extreme end).

Let’s translate this diarrhea (bear in mind she dropped out of college and spends most of her day reading MR blogs) into human language:

I’m not saying that women who nag their husbands deserve to be beaten, I’m just saying that if wives nagged less, had borderline personality less, and were more perfect more, then they wouldn’t get beat up as much, so it’s partly their fault. See, I’m obsessed with denying victimhood because my entire life is in shambles but I refuse to feel an ounce of compassion for myself or anyone else and am instead on a one-“girl”-mission to  draw cause and effect in all instances of rape and abuse.

Let’s conclude this post with GirlWritesWhat’s top 5 non-victims:

  1. Sexually abused children who don’t fight back hard enough
  2. Sexually abused children who live in pedophilia-hysteria societies (the societies distract parents from the real predators by being hysterical about all of the non-predators, like babysitters and gym coaches)
  3. Domestically abused wives who nag their husbands
  4. Women who get raped after drinking
  5. Women who get molested on the bus for making ‘victimize me’ faces and for abiding by a culture that infantalizes women

Geeze, GirlWritesWhat, this debacle was like an enema. I like how you’re all “I don’ even care what people thinka me no more.” You got shit on your face, girl, clean up.

Some amazing quotes from MensRights tonight

This is a thread about a divorced guy who beat up his ex-wife but wants to keep his preciouss… precccsscccioussssssssss… Corvette. Here is how MensRights responded to his story:

evahgo: “Well certainly do not listen to me on this but if she was successful in getting my car crushed I would probably beat her until she forgot she was ever married then take my punishment. But I’m a vengeful bastard”

A classic post from Bobustan, who is going for possibly the most long-term and intricate troll of MRA we’ve ever seen: “Hmm… if you’re really in dire straights like this, I guess make it clear that if she makes a fake claim against you than you might as well make good on it and actualize her threat. No sense doing time for something you didn’t do. I don’t condone it, but I’d certainly understand it. Could also serve as a nice MAD policy when bitches be crazy. If she claims you beat her up, then beat her up. Either way you’re going to jail, right? Might as well get in your licks while you can.”

Stop feeling bad for what you did, homeboy, she doesn’t even love you anymore! ClickclickClever offers his compassion: “Stop admitting to hitting her. Yes it was wrong and what not but it is going to come out in court. Hopefully by then you can afford a lawyer or get one to rally to your cause. If she does destroy the car it is possible to pursure charges and damages afterward( I know that’s small consolation but it’s something) if you can get a lawyer then. If she doesn’t have proof of any abuse then it will be harder for her to use. Granted since courts are slanted in her favor anyway, there is no need to help her sodomize you and you belongings. It seems like you’re trying to be the better person and own up to your wrong doings but stop. She obviously doesn’t care about you and you don’t need to give her any evidence she doesnt have already. Conversely, gain as much evidence as possible against her and please please please get a lawyer. Record calls, record everything. Bank account statements, bills, anything. Somethings will be unusable but its better to have something you can’t use than not have something you can. Most importantly, stay strong and don’t give up hope. Even when things look dark, you will end up ahead in the end. She sounds like a horrible woman and no one wants to end up with that so you’re better off without her. So yeah I’m not lawyer but that’s my 2 cents.”

These idiots are so easy to troll it’s like a pedophile honeypot. WHOOPS, did I say a triggering word to them? Are all men pedophiles? MAYBE?

This story has all of the furnishings of a christmas turkey. Vengeful wife? Check. Poor sad man losing the love of his life (a car from his ol’ pappy and mommy, room vroom)? Checkeck. Admission of domestic abuse, completely overlooked and ignored by most of the posters? AWWW YEA.

Where is our girl now? Is she too busy denigrating her daughter to come and post some advice for this poor guy? Come on, girlwriteswhat, get down on those knees and help these boys out. He only hit his wife a few times, surely you can muster up some good excuses for his actions in order to reframe the woman as the perpetrator.

As a feminist, why do you think it's funny to show a photoshopped picture of her as a traditionalist woman beaten by her husband? How would you react if she really was a victim of domestic violence?
  • As a person who never claimed to be a feminist,
  • why would I give a shit if girlwriteswhat has been abused in the past?

Most MensRights activists have some form of abuse history: that’s what produced the mangled mass of pus-oozing trauma and drama that they breathe and live.

Is that an excuse to hate on rape victims and spend your waking moments denying rape statistics and screaming down anti-rape advocacy efforts?

That’s a counter-question. Feel free to respond. My answers were yes it would be funny (because according to girlwriteswhat, finding things offensive is hypoagency and hypersensitivity. You can read that sort of mouth-shit-dripping bullshit in most of her posts), and no (no reaction).

I would LOVE to see her post about her (FUTURE?) rape experience to /r/mensrights, only to be met with skepticism and jeers, however. Oh god wait - what was I thinking? She wouldn’t have been raped, because rape only happens to women who put themselves in those positions. She would have fought back, and she would never let it happen to her anyway.

She wouldn’t be a rape victim she would be a rape victor!

If girlwriteswhat's opinions and arguments are so poor and easily countered, then why do you resort to petty name calling ("fugly") and mockery of her personal life? I think you would make a far more convincing case by avoiding these sorts of tactics.

If civil rights movements spent 50% of their time countering arguments against their rights then they would never move. GRW may advocate for positive things, but her personal identity, personal views, and personal life are a slurp of shit and that’s what this blog is dedicated to.

Tell me, fair one, how does one pose a discussion when one side of the discussion begins by asserting that most women (“but not my clown car pussy!” - girlwriteswhat) are dependent, irresponsible sluts?

There is no argument to have. There’s shit, there’s slurping, and there’s girlwriteswhat’s mouth.

If she is a "shitslurper" then what are you? The blog description clearly illustrates that you have to resort to shaming tactics and ad hominem attacks towards her rather than coming up with anything worthwhile. Whatever, I find this hyperactive anger quite amusing, and telling.

I am rubber and u r glue whatever shitslurping pro-rape, anti-female hysteria girlhateswhat espouses people defend as a “world view”

submission from theozoph

Doesn’t it strike you as ironic that an antifeminist woman it just the perfect object for you to vent your rage at a woman, insult her, deface her, imagine violence on her?…

why all the hatred directed at an individual? why can't you have the argument?From Quiet Riot GIRL

What is the argument? I don’t disagree with everything girlwriteswhat says - I just document her being a shitslurping monster that lost her way after her divorce. Tragic, really.

Why are you such a cunt?

That’s the way god made me.

Shitslurping biotruths from everyone’s favorite misogynist darling

Okay, hypergamy is a real behvioral trait. Just so that you know I don’t think you’re crazy.

It manifests in both men and women, based on their sexual selection criteria. With men, it will usually be based on a woman’s looks/youth. With women, it’s more often based on a man’s attitude of social dominance (or simply dominance within their relationship) and ability to generate resources.

The behavior also plays out differently in men and women as far as relationship “unhaaaaappiness” (as you put it in a comment) goes. For a man to act on his impulse to “trade up”, he has to acquire more wealth/social status, which is often hard to do once in a relationship simply because a girlfriend/wife will consume some of those resources, keeping things balanced, and because in our modern legal framework, he will usually be heavily financially penalized for dissolving the marriage and this will negatively impact his ability to attract a “better” woman.

Someone who is very rich can do this, for sure, or someone who becomes financially successful very suddenly. The average guy? Not so much. So he’s likely to remain “haaaaappy” in his relationship, because his alternatives are limited. If he dissolves the relationship, he will often end up “trading down” (at least in regard to the standard criteria of what makes a woman attractive to men).

For women, it’s different. Up until about age 30 or 35. For a woman, when she enters a marriage or serious relationship, she acquires a portion of her partner’s wealth (in that he’s usually paying some—or all—of her expenses, or in that she knows she will be awarded a share of them on dissolution), and her social status equalizes with his. The moment that happens—that they become equal in social and financial status, not only does she become less “haaaappy” with what she has, because he is not longer “above” her, but the fact that she’s climbed the social ladder means she’s fairly capable of “trading up”. She will also not likely face the emotional costs of losing custody of, or access to, her children.

A fairly well-known experiment with paintings determined that people who were given a painting and were told they were stuck with it were happier with their painting than those who were told they could trade it in for something better. This is simply a natural phenomenon, to become less satisfied with what you have if you think you can have something better.

She need not come out of the broken relationship with any of his assets in order to benefit in the hypergamy sense, since money is not a primary sexual criterion wrt men’s attraction to women. Her increased social status (connections she made through him, perhaps) is enough to make her a “better catch” than she was prior. As long as her looks and youth are intact.

Women who are hypergamous often follow a pattern of “trading up” through their twenties, until sometime around 35 they realize the men available to them are not as good as the ones they dumped when they were 26. Then they end up feeling like they “settled” and can become unhaaaaaappy enough just from that conclusion to “trade down” a few times before they figure out their sexual market value is nil.

One culture that has successfully discouraged hypergamy in both sexes? Patriarchy. Both parties are penalized heavily (financially, legally or socially) for acting on those impulses, so their options are fewer. When they have few options, all of which will cost dearly, it usually takes something serious to make them “unhaaaapppy”.

Setting aside her hugely inflated shitslurping, let’s translate this:

I’ve felt ugly and unfeminine for my entire living life, have wasted my life on those emotions, and am now a dead empty thing with no sexual future; I am committed to tearing down all other women that choose to live unlike me (i.e. NOT as a dead caretaker-like fleshmound desperately trying to escape its own gender identity).

This post also gives off a strong scent of her past marital failings. It sounds like she stuck it out through a bad marriage on behalf of her children and is trying to justify that choice to herself through her war against women. You can clearly see that she didn’t give up on her failed marriage easily and is shitslurpingly proud of that “accomplishment.”

Other accomplishments: being a single mother (but not like all of those other single mothers who WEAKLY GAVE UP on their marriages like the women they are), and working for tips without using her sexual wiles to earn them.

I’m not really interested in addressing the fact that she generalizes experimental art findings to relationship patterns in humans - all of that is humdrum shitslurping girlwriteswhat. What really interests me is the nuclear shitpowerplant that powers this so-called “girl,” and what sort of devastating life experiences led to its creation. I’m betting it has a lot to do with being let down by men in her life and also a little more to do with her issues with her fugly face.